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[Ros-kinect] Robot Avatar Project Complete

Taylor Veltrop
Hi Everyone,

A year ago I released my first video of Kinect robotics when I loosely controlled a KHR (mini humanoid).

Now I have "completed" the robot avatar project.  A treadmill, HMD, Wii remotes, Kinect, and NAO have all been integrated together using ROS to create a fully immersive experience.  I really feel like my "self" is in the place of the robot while using this.

Here is a video demonstrating it, I use the interface to brush my cat remotely.

Actually it looks like the project is not really complete after all... Something I realized when filming this is that I need to add 2-way audio...

Hope you enjoy the video!  Happy new year!


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Re: [Ros-kinect] Robot Avatar Project Complete

David Lavy
Is there any chance you can share the code please? I'm trying to learn the benefits of Kinect with ROS and I would appreciate any guide.