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Patrick Mihelich
Hi all,

I've opened an API review for the openni_kinect stack. In Fuerte its packages will reach 1.0 status, and we plan some reorganization.

Please submit comments on the wiki. For email discussions, please join the thread over at ros-users.


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From: Patrick Mihelich <[hidden email]>
Date: Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 2:06 PM
Subject: Review for openni_kinect stack
To: User discussions <[hidden email]>

openni_kinect, the stack containing drivers and basic processing for the Kinect and other OpenNI devices, is now posted for review:


In Fuerte, I want to reach 1.0 status for the OpenNI ROS packages. These have been in development and heavy use for over a year, and should be pretty stable at this point.

The major packages - openni_camera, openni_launch, depth_image_proc, openni_tracker - have their own review pages, linked from the stack review. Please add specific comments (with your name) to the relevant review page. You can start more open-ended discussion or feedback in this email thread, and I'll post any conclusions on the wiki.

See http://www.ros.org/wiki/APIReviewProcess#Questions_to_ask_during_an_API_review for examples of what to look for.

Deadline for responses: Jan 25.


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